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sql-cli v0.3.0 Released

I just released the v0.3.0 of sql-cli on npm. It has following new features: .analyze command: Lists all the missing indexes on a table. Works only on actively used databases. .read command: Allows you to run a sql script file in the cli -config argument: Allows you to specify a json config file to read […]

sql-cli v0.1.0 Released

I just released the v0.1.0 of sql-cli on npm. It has following new features: .index command: Lists all the indexes on a table .schema command: Now tells you whether column is indexed or not New output format switch -f: Now you can export your query results as json, xml or csv I also fixed a […]

Squiggle 3.3 Declared Stable

After 20,000+ downloads, I’m declaring Squiggle 3.3 as stable. The code for Squiggle 3.3 is in 3.3 branch in git. If there is any critical bug fix, it will go in the same branch and will be merged back to master otherwise all bug fixes will now go to 3.4 branch. For Squiggle 3.4 release […]

Squiggle 3.3 Beta Released

Version 3.3 of Squiggle has been released on CodePlex as Beta release. New features include: Allow using environment variables in configuration file (history db connection string, download folder location, display name, group and message) Fix for history viewer to show the correct history entries History saved with UTC timestamp Added feature to send screenshots and […]

Squiggle 3.2 Declared Stable

Squiggle 3.2 has been in Beta for several months now. Issues that were reported are all fixed. There will be no more revisions of Squiggle 3.2. The next version of Squiggle will be 3.3 In case you missed the previous announcement, Squiggle now has git repository. You can fork it and issue pull requests for […]

Sharepoint LogViewer Now Has Git Repository

Community has shown interest recently in contributing to SharePoint LogViewer therefore I’ve changed the source control to git. This means you can fork the project and issue pull requests now. Looking forward to your contributions.

pyMVC A Python Flask MVC Web Application Framework

At Hyves, we wanted to re-write a legacy web application in python Flask. I was in charge of setting up the boiler plate code that would be necessary to get a skeleton app, up and running. For writing large application it is helpful to separate the concerns in different components and MVC pattern serves that […]

Squiggle 3.2 Beta Released

Squiggle 3.2 has finally reached the point where I can release it as beta version. I will not be adding any more features to 3.2 until the final release. From this point onward only bugs will be fixed. I encourage you to download the beta and try out its different features. Squiggle 3.2 has multiple […]